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Design Basics


History of Experience

Bridgewater Builders has long been building beautiful new homes in and around Oakland County. For just as long, Bridgewater has excelled in “RENOVATION & REMODELING” as well. Through careful design, built around customer needs and concerns, Bridgewater Builders has helped many owners of existing homes realize their homes full potential.
Exterior Face LiftsAll Types
From simple single room updates, to outbuildings, to fully redesigned facelifts and additions, the remodeling division continues the same attention to detail that has satisfied customers expectations for over 25 years.

Design Build

Our comprehensive “design-build“ approach gives the Owners a realistic, design and cost analysis sure to satisfy any budget! Clear specifications and accurate scheduling coupled with the philosophy of, “say what you mean and, mean what you say” has kept Bridgewater Builders “on time“ and “within budget” for nearly three decades.

Great Room Renovation“Built for speed”
With seasoned trades experience and a long history of good working relationships with suppliers and sub-contractors, Bridgewater Builders has been known for getting the job done and getting it done right. The last thing homeowners want is their project dragging out to the point of frustration.


Finished Lower Levels - Basements

Bathroom Remodeling


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